St. Teresa's Convent circa 1976: St. Teresa's Convent boasts some of the most accomplished women anywhere. Many of them are eye candies too. This pic, featuring some members of Friskies Class of '76, is one example.

Standing L to R: Marilyn Clinton, Lois Holman, Antoine...

E. J. Roye Auditorium circa 1976: STC's Beauty Pageant was a production that we all looked forward to during STC's Gala Day festivities. In this picture, the Queens show off their swim wear. We recognize Antoinette Essa on the far right. Would you let us know who the o...

Monrovia circa 1976: Friskies Gala Day parade is over, and these girls pose for a picture in front of what appears to be a photo studio. Ansah Photo, perhaps? From left to right are: Jestina Gibson (Gray), the late Joan Essa, and Antoinette Essa.

Antoinette Essa, Friskies Class of '76, shows off her diploma in this picture taken after STC's graduation ceremony.

Antoinette Essa of Friskies Class of '76 took this picture for her class night program.

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