We are excited to feature our Millennial Friskies of the Class of 2011, sharing a moment on campus during their senior year. Thanks to Agnes, those featured in the picture are:

At Back- From L-R: Shari Raji, Alcelia Sims, Aba Sackey, Teinn Payegar and Monalisa Rouhana A...

July 31, 2019

Featured here are ALAMINOES of Friskies Class of '90. They are seen here posing at their Junior Prom back in 1989. These young Ladies are simply gorgeous. From left to right they are:

Ellen Cheah (Loila), Evangeline Wilson (Delaney), Samuel Carter, Quentina Stewart, Cho...

Friskies Class of '90 showing off their beautify traditional garbs. Do you recognize anyone in this picture? Tell us who they are in the comments section.

ULOIAS making memories sometime before their senior year. They would become Friskies Class of '89. If you can, please give us as many names of the girls in this picture in the comment section of this blog.

 Friskies Color Day circa 1988. This picture features sophomores Ellen Chieh (center) and Kortoe Varpailah (right) who are members of Class of '90.