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SFAA Photo Gallery

Saints and Friskies in Pictures


The gallery features photos from all SFAA events: conventions, picnics, meetings, church service, business meetings etc.


We are especially proud to present pictures of the progress we are making rebuilding St. Patrick's and the girls who are beneficiaries of our A2S Program.

We also hope you enjoy our  "BACK IN DA DAY" photo blog. Your kids can see what you looked like when you were stomping the grounds of St. Teresa's Convent, or soaring the walls of St. Patrick's. 

On the home page, we will feature one "Back in Da Day" photo per week. So start sending your "Back in Da Day" photos now. Click the  "View Back in Da Day Photos" button to view these throwback photos.

2022 Convention Houston
Welcome Party 
May 27, 2022

2022 Convention Houston
Business Meeting
May 28, 2022