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MAY 2024 - MAY 2027

It has been seven years since the Koffa Team embarked on a journey  to provide scholarships for girls at St. Teresa’s Convent  (STC) and Rebuild St. Patrick’s High School (SPHS) in Liberia. Along the way you gave us two critical components necessary for us to be successful: trust and money. With your help, we have so far raised approximately $670,000.00 to educate our girls at STC and  Rebuild St. Patrick’s.

These accomplishments have brought us here: a third term as Executive Leaders of SFAA-USA. The trust and confidence you continue to have in us is remarkable. We do not take this for granted. None of our achievements are possible without your continuous support. For this, we are eternally grateful. With our re-election, we need you now more than ever. Our agenda for a third term is built on the theme “Beyond Construction and Scholarships”.

What does this mean?

To have the greatest impact on the children we support, our relationship with our schools must purposefully evolve beyond transactions. We must determine what “multiplier effect” our support is having on the families of the girls. Such data will provide valuable insight on the prospect of assisting our girls who enroll in college. Alumni who are teachers and visit Liberia often, should consider engaging in “Teach for a Day” activities at STC. This kind of engagement will introduce STC teachers to modern teaching methods and foster a spirit of goodwill among alumni, students, teachers, and parents.   

Also, our relationship with St. Patrick’s must not stop at construction. Instead, we must consider establishing an endowment fund. The fund can be used to provide scholarships, supplement teachers income, and support other critical functions at the school. Retired and soon to be retired teachers who are considering moving back to Liberia, should think about lending their invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience to the education of boys at St. Patrick’s.

If the ideas I propose sound challenging, that’s because they are. To get to where we now tell inspiring stories about philanthropy, we had to overcome daunting challenges and learn important lessons. The next three years will be no different. We are simply asking that we all look beyond construction and scholarships to reframe our purpose. After all, our work will continue to be measured by what we do for those who have little.

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