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PSYCHO 1949 - 2016

A man never in a hurry

A special feature celebrating the life of Alexander Kojo Anderson

by Stephen jaitoh koffa, jr.

Class of '79

Below are a few poems written by Psycho. I hope you find it both entertaining and thought-provoking.




Through a womb I came into this world

To enjoy all things of this good life

But now and then they all go sour

So I sit and ponder Shall I return

A beautiful girl I met one day

And loved her more than my own life

But she turned her back and said goodbye

Now I sit and ponder

Shall I return

I once was young and full of life

The most luxurious were always near

I'm old, infirm, with numbered days

Now I sit and ponder

Shall I return

Now at this time I'm skyward bound

No earth, no pain, no grief for me

In heaven's bosom

to lie forever



Dry up your tears, Liberia Dear 

The rivers and streams are full today 

Wipe dry your tears and look above 

The sun does tell a better day

The God you've served for years so long

Knows all, sees all, and hears your cries

And at His time, yes soon to come

You shall see His power at work

So wake ye up and ready be

Building time is near at hand

One and all be reconciled

Liberia again to hold at heart


To the love that flickered 

But never became a flame

For hurricanes don't like fire

To the marriage ceremony

That did not end

For objectors were all seated

To the beautiful baby

That never breathed the air of life

For stillborn it entered this world

To the very old man

Who did not live forever

For such is the way of evolution



When will the time come

Others have come and gone

The latest are still here

Reaping here and reaping there

Spoiling everything for us

But sure as the day follows the night

The time will come soon

Changes here and changes there

New broom sweeping everywhere

Cleaning everything for us

Prepare ye all for the new day

Nepotism, corruption, impunity, no more

Not one citizen over another

All Liberians shall be equal

Oh how sweet the land shall be

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