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The Royals

  1. Gledy Badio

  2. Marie Bright++

  3. Patience Cooper

  4. Teresa Darbeh

  5. Josephine Dwah

  6. Agnes Giple

  7. Vashti Jones 

  8. Teresa Kenneh

  9. Rose Kpakba 

  10. Georgia Mason

  11. Sanoe Mitchell 

  12. Agnes Nimene

  13. Audrey Patterson ++

  14. Cia A. Richards

  15. Rose Yvonne Saab

  16. Maudeline Scere

  17. Bernadette Simmonds 

  18. Wilhelmina Snyder

  19. Velma Stryker

  20. Joyce Tolbert

  21. Seklau Elizabeth Worjloh

  22.  Muna Amelia Wreh


  1. Abraham, Alleu

  2. Ackon, Francis

  3. Anderson, Alexander

  4. Aniteye, Tetteh

  5. Attoh, Augustus

  6. Baa, Cedric

  7. Burrowes, Patrick

  8. Caoh, Alexander

  9. Clarke, Eric

  10. Cooper, Varsay

  11. Dorley, Ahmadu

  12. Dorliae, Alexander

  13. Ebba, Cecil

  14. Fallah, Francis

  15. Gittens, Charles

  16. Kromah, Lasanah

  17. Peters, Godwin

  18. Samuels, John

  19. Saydee, Daniel

  20. Sherif, Abu

  21. Sinii, Varney

  22. Skinner, Joseph

  23. Smith, Henry

  24. Somah, Martin

  25. Tamba, Kona

  26. Williams, Stephen

  27. Wreh, Joseph

  28. Wreh, Thomas

  29. Zehydue, Anthony

NOTE: If you notice any error or omission on the list, please send corrections or additions to:

ABOVESaints Campus 1967: This was an an Amicus Unus Fellowship (subsidiary of the SPHS Alumni Assn) event on campus.


From L to R: Martin Somah, Charles Wordsworth, the Late Alexander Kojo Anderson (Psycho), and a classmate whose name we need. Sitting in the background is Brother Paul, Principal of St. Patrick's High School.

BELOW: SAINTS FRISKIES FIRST AFRICAN DAY - 1968:  Both the late Lasana Kroma and Alexander Kojo Anderson are featured here with a group of STC girls during St. Patrick's High School and St. Teresa's Convent First African Day Program. Rest Peacefully, Fellow Saints!

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