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History of St. Patrick's High School

 History of St. Patrick's High School


The information on this page was culled from Wikipedia. SFAA did not independently verify this information. Pictures courtesy of George Bernard (Kollie), Class of '65

St. Patrick's High School was a high school in Monrovia, Liberia, from 1936 to 1996. It was one of the top secondary schools in the country.


In 1934, after being appointed Vicar Apostolic of Liberia, Father John Collins founded the St. Patrick School in Monrovia for the benefit of local children under the auspices of the Society of African Missions. He was rejoined by Father Francis Carroll in 1936, and under their direction, the school extended to the secondary level in 1939.

1967 - Bro. Paul Clark, Principal of SPHS, 

and Haitian Ambassador Remy

In 1943, the school's first six graduates finished their scholarship, a first for a Catholic school in Liberia.

After Father John Collins died in 1961, Father Francis Carroll was consecrated Bishop of Monrovia, and one year later made the arrangements for the Brothers of Holy Cross to take over the management of St. Patrick's High School.

Maintaining a high profile for its excellent education, the school was closed for a time during the 1989 civil war. Two nuns, Sister Agnes and Sister Shirley, reopened the school. Both were killed in 1992 by National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel leader Charles Taylor's forces during the continued strife.

The brothers then ran the school until April 6, 1996, when the hierarchy closed all Catholic facilities.

1963 - Brother Thomas and Brother James


  1. Father Francis Carroll (1936–)

  2. Father Thomas Lakins

  3. Father Joseph Guinan

  4. Father Michael Rooney

  5. Father O'Donovan

  6. Brother Donald Allen

  7. Brother Austin Maley

  8. Brother Paul Clark

  9. Brother John Zoglemann

  10. Brother Edward Foken (1971–79, 1980–84)

  11. Brother James Newberry (1982–89)

  12. Sister Shirley Kolmer

  13. Richard Goodlin - 1996


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Class of 1965 - St. Patrick's High School

Class of 1965 Receives Soccer Trophy


Hail Glorious St. Patrick’s,

Dear Saint of Our School

Protect and Defend It

And Over It Rule!


Bless Us Thy Dear Children

From Heaven Above

On Us Thy Dear Children

Look Down in Thy Love


On Us Thy Dear Children

On Us Thy Dear Children

On Us Thy Dear Children

Look Down in Thy Love

  1. Bing, Dominic

  2. Hare, Augustus

  3. Martin, Karpeh

  4. Sawyer, Lawrence

  5. Sharpe, Alphonso

  6. Warren, Cooper

Brother Edward Foken

Principal of St. Patrick's High School

1972 - 1979

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Life in Liberia

Brother Thomas Dillman

Math Teacher - SPHS & STC

1960 - 1996

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1960 - 1993
  1. Bro. Martin Able

  2. Bro. Donald Allen

  3. Bro. Jerome Aschbenner

  4. Bro. Paul Clark

  5. Bro. Edward Daley

  6. Bro. Thomas Dilman

  7. Bro. Foulgence Doherty

  8. Bro. Francisco Drury

  9. Bro. Edward Foken

  10. Bro. Vincent Gross

  11. Bro. William Healy

  12. Bro. James Kozak

  13. Fr. Charles Mahoney

  14. Bro. Austin Maley

  15. Bro. Edwin Mattingly

  16. Bro. Anthony McGalla

  17. Bro. David Naples

  18. Bro. James Newberry

  19. Bro. Chester Rachael

  20. Fr. Lou Rink

  21. Bro. Robert Salzmant

  22. Bro. Theophan Schmitt

  23. Bro. Donald Steffes

  24. Bro. Dennis Wangeret

  25. Bro. John Zolgleman

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