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  • Submitted by: Class of 1978

Saints vs Spartans....1978

In the 70's, the greatest high school rivalry in Liberia was St. Patrick's vs B. W. Harris. Saints vs Spartans. No other came close. High school basketball season always opened with St. Patrick's Gala Day game. I suspect this picture features one of those games. The game came with drama, pride and bragging rights to boot. We were friends off the court, but enemies on. On this day in 1978, point gaurd Lami Mason is at the free throw line, while Saints center Patrick Nepay and the Spartans player look on. I don't remember the outcome of this particular game, but since this is our blog, it's safe to say we FLOGGED them lol!!!! This picture reminds me of something striking about Saints Basketball. To watch St. Patrick's enter any gym for a game was to see a team from the future. Look at Lami and Patrick: high quality matching jerseys, shorts, sneakers, socks, and knee pads. All coordinated with Saints signature green and white. Think about this. Saints was rocking this gear in the 70's in Africa lol!. Now take a look at the player from the Spartans. His outfit is more representative of teams in Africa lol. He "got on his singlay, with his P.E. trahsay, nasty hospital bandage around his legs, old scobie". I mean damn... it's a wonder they allowed them on the same floor with the Saints lol! Nonetheless, that rivalry stands as priceless. There will be no other.

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