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 St. Patrick's High School Endowment Fund

About The Fund


The St. Patrick's High School Endowment Fund (“SPEF”) was established in July, 2010 to solicit gifts, contributions, donations, and other support for the purpose of reopening St. Patrick’s High School and contributing to its upkeep once it becomes operational.  It is an IRS approved non-profit organization and contributions are exempt from income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue code.

Who Founded the Fund


A group of dedicated and forward-thinking alumni under the very capable leadership of our late first Chairperson, Doeba Bropleh, created SPEF as a secure vehicle through which friends, supporters and other like-minded alumni of the school could make donations.  We are a very transparent organization that adheres to strict financial and operational regulations, checks, balances and administrative policies.

    The Late Doeba Patrick Bropleh  
Founding Member & 1st Chairman 

SPEF Business

St. Patrick’s High School was a secondary day school in Liberia that was forced to shut down during the Liberian civil conflicts in the mid 90’s. Prior to its closure, it was among the preeminent high schools in the country. With the war now over and the Country on a path to rebuilding, the need for quality education is even more critical to the Country’s development and progress.


SPEF exists to help enable the reestablishment of this once great school so younger generations of Liberians can have similar opportunities like generations before them.  This is our raison d'etre!

SPEF Trustees
  • Victor Abraham - Class of '89

  • Doeba Bropleh - Class of '84++

  • Lionel Brown - Class of '83

  • Dr. Michel Dioubate, MD - Class of '83

  • Samuel Glover - Class of '80

  • Niahson Porte - Class of '85

  • Kassa Pratt - Class of '78

  • Dr. Thomas Sleweon, MD - Class of '78

  • Kpadi Williams - Class of '73

  • Evans Yancy - Class of '73

Endowment Goal:

  • $100,000.00

Amount Raised To Date:

  • $37,383.83

SPEF Donors
  • Thomas Sleweon, MD

  • Lionel Brown

  • Michel Dioubate, MD

  • Sam Glover

  • Healix Practice Simplicity

  • Kpadi Williams

  • Kassa Pratt

  • Evans Yancy

  • Victor Abraham

  • Lami & Jestina Mason

  • Infectious Disease Specialists P.C.

  • Doeba Bropleh

  • Healix Infusion Therapy

  • Leslie Williams, MD

  • Williette Baker (Blossom)

  • Quallyna Porte

  • Charles Cooper

  • Patrick Wreh

  • SPHS Class of 84

  • Tarloh Sayeh-Brathwaite

  • Ralph Villaran, MD

  • Momo & Vanilla Wolapaye

  • Sandy W. Yancy

  • Alvin N. Blake

  • Michael Linton, MD

  • Bernadette Aghaji, MD

  • Heart center of Lake County

  • Joyetta Satiah

  • Kupusamy A. Umapathy

  • Linda Stewart, MD 

  • Dalal Medical Corp

  • Douge Barthelemy, MD

  • Daniel Saah

  • Alston Wolo

  • Paul C. Okolocha

  • David E. Ross, Trustee

  • Great Lakes Pulmonary

  • Dr. Charles Okoro

  • Tom Gryzbek

  • Respiratory Sleep Associates, P.C.

  • Gerald Doe

  • Michael Azodo

  • Newtown Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC

  • Luis Carrasco

  • Greg Sparrow

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