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  1. Amegashie, Godwin

  2. Bing, Archibald

  3. Carey, Roland

  4. Clarke, Leon

  5. Cooper, Arnold

  6. Dennis, John

  7. Freeman, Joseph

  8. Geegba, Anthony

  9. Harris, Moses

  10. Harris, Rubel++

  11. King, Thomas

  12. Nyema, Henry++

  13. Payne, B.

  14. Ponnie, John++

  15. Pyne, Andrew

  16. Rogers, Joseph

  17. Sambola, Boakai

  18. Stryker, Granville++

  19. Toe, David

  20. Williams, Samuel


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Officers of the St. Patrick's 'GREEN BERETS' circa1965. These Saints proudly strut their stuff at the J. J. Roberts cemetery on Decoration Day.  They would eventually graduate with Class of '66. From left to right: Archibald Bing; Thomas King; Godwin Amegashie and Rubel Harris (deceased)

BELOW: Saints Celebrate the Birthday of a Classmate in 1966: Rubel Harris is the birthday boy being celebrated. There are 3 members of the Class of '65 in this George Bernard (Kollie), Adolphus Shannon, and Richard Buxton.


Standing L to R: Rubel Harris; Momo Rogers; Richard Buxton; Richard Kamara and at the far right, Samuel L. Williams.


Squatting L to R: George Bernard (Kollie) and at the far right is Thomas Neal


Bending in white shirt is John Ponnie.


Lying L to R: Borkai Sambola; Adolphus Shannon.

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