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SOUND OF '86 - Midas Touch
Midas Touch - Midnight Star
SAINTS FRISKIES 86 12-14-2020.jpg
  1. Ahmed Sheriff 

  2. Alexander Bassey

  3. Amara Kaba

  4. Amos Guzeh

  5. Archiemore Fredericks

  6. Aristotle Addy

  7. Arthur Zakama

  8. Bai T. Moore

  9. Barbra Cooper

  10. Benjamin Zinnah

  11. Charles Sevee 

  12. Chidi Duruh

  13. Chris Morris

  14. D. Leroy Fleming

  15. Demo Mieh

  16. Dweh Morgan

  17. Edward S. Jones

  18. Edward Sharpe 

  19. Erna Kai Davies

  20. Francis Collins

  21. Francis I. Gibson

  22. Frank Cooper

  23. Franklin Cole

  24. Frederick Nah

  25. Gabriel B. Matthews

  26. Gerald Doe

  27. Gloria Metzger Perry

  28. Harry Ashiaby 

28. Janice Cooper

29. Jeanie Forte

30. Jocelia Rancy

31. Johh Marshall 

32. John Bernard Blamo

33. Juliana S'kon Koffa (Dixon) 

34. Kedia Paye

35. Larry Doe

36. Leemu Gbarbea

37. Manoj Gurbani 

38. Margaret Lampley

39. Mark Peters

40. Martha Zoegan

41. Momo Wolapaye

42. Moses Itedjere

43. Quallyna Porte

44. Sandi Jorkey++

45. Shadi Abdul-Baky

46. Thomas Blidi

47. Vamba Fofana

48. Vaylah Clinton

49. Victor Fasama 

50. Wilama Bako Freeman

51. Williette Blossom Birch (Baker)

52. Wingrove Dwamina

53. Wynston Doe

54Yeka Kilikpo


Above: Friskies Class of '86 pose for a picture with Sister Joe. They are:

1st row from bottom L to R: Leemu Gbarbea, Debbie O’Connor, PI*, Sister Joe, Magsnoh Collison, PI*,PI*

2nd Row from bottom L to R: PI*, Phyllis Gadegbeku, PI*, Elizabeth Snyder, PI*, Martha Zoegan, PI*

3rd Row from bottom L to RPI*, PI*, Agatha Kolles, Kai Davis, Gloria Metzer, Williette Birch(Blossom), Juliana S'kon Koffa (Dixon) 

4th Row  from bottom L to RPI*, PI*, Wokie Kpanyor, Zinna Quallah, Qualynna Porte, Barbara Cooper, Mariam St. James

The girls we are unable to identify are denoted by PI*. If you recognize any of them, please send their names to:

Below: Saints Class of '86 making lasting memories. Who knows what the future holds, but for now it will have to wait. These seniors are taking in a moment that lives forever in this picture. Here's a challenge for you: Can you identify everyone in this picture? Good Luck!

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