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sfaa june 2017 FINANCIAL REPORT

The following is a summary of SFAA monthly financial report for the period beginning June 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2017


To read details of the report, click on View Full Report below:


BANK BALANCE - JUNE 1             $2,191.76

  • TOTAL FUNDING                    $15,491.82

  • TOTAL EXPENSES                        $345.34

BANK BALANCE - JUNE 30        $17,338.24

introducing class page

SFAA website will now feature a page dedicated to each Saints Friskies Class. Content on the page will include members of the class, name of the class, year graduated, and a slider deck of current and past pictures of class members.

The first classes being rolled out are:

  • Class of '67

  • Class of '72

  • Class of '79


Our plan is to roll out as many classes as we can every week. To make this happen, please send information on your class as described above. You can send all class information to:

new chairs appointed

SFAA's President appointed two new Chairs to head Planning and Elections Committees.

Velma Kiawu-Fahnbulleh '79, was appointed Chair of the Planning Committee, and Ahmed Sheriff '86, will serve as Chair of the Elections Committee.

The Planning Committee will advise, assist and guide Chapters and National organization on any upcoming events. The Elections Committee is responsible to conduct and certify elections as established by the constitution.

There are more vacancies on SFAA Committes. If you wish to serve, please contact


Members of the following committees are now available to view:

  • Executive Committee

  • Board of Directors

  • Standing Committees

  • Appointed Committees

As open positions on these committees are filled, the list will be updated.

Click View National Leaders to view list of those serving.


SFAA has established three new committees. The committees are Planning, Projects and Membership. The role of each committee is as follows:

  • Planning

    • Assist Chapters and National organizations with planning of any events

  • Projects

    • Identify projects and formulate strategy for addressing the needs of the schools in Monrovia

  • Membership

    • Develop and implement a strategy for increasing and retaining membership



It has come to our attention that some members are not sure whether membership dues  are tax deductible.

This is to confirm that the IRS allows tax credit for dues that are paid to charity organizations if members get no personal benefit or anything of value for paying dues. SFAA members get no personal benefit from paying dues, and their dues are used for the established purpose of the organization.

For reference, see IRS Publication 526 (2016) Charitable Contributions at the following:

sfaa vacancies

SFAA currently has open positions that need to be filled:

  • Members of the Board

    • Five members representing regional chapters

  • Standing Committees

    • Finance

    • Audit

    • Nomination/Election

  • Appointed Committees

    • Planning​

    • Projects

    • Membership

We are currently on a recruitment campaign to fill these positions. We ask that you please assist in this effort by submitting the names of  interested candidates to:

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