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History of St. Teresa's Convent

 Historical Highlights of St. Teresa's Convent

 By: Dr. Muna Amelia Wreh, PhD

       STC Class of '70

 Pictures Submitted By: Mahdea Williams-Cooper

                  STC Class of '75

First FMM Sisters arrive in Monrovia

In the 1930’s, a ship sailed into Liberia, bringing nuns from the USA province of the Religious Order of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM). As missionaries, they championed a cause to spread “openness to the world” in different countries as women also from different countries, cultural and national backgrounds. Furthermore, their attitude to live in international and/or intercultural communities led the FMM sisters to settle in Liberia, West Africa (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Communications Office, N. Providence, Rhode Island).

The FMM sisters came equipped with skills in education, nursing, recreational sporting activities, as well as preparation to specifically support young women develop gifted potentials and service to their communities as worthy citizens. In Liberia, they settled in an area known popularly as “Coconut Plantation”, presently along Randall Street, near the South Beach section of Monrovia, capital city of Liberia.

The Late Archbishop Michael Francis is seen  in this picture in kindergarten at St. Teresa's Convent

History recounts that the FMM girls’ school was the first to be established in Monrovia. For a generation at least, Saint Teresa’s Convent (STC) School catered mainly to young women and girls, and operated a limited boarding facility while welcoming day students. The kindergarten section also catered to young boys who had to relocate to other co-educational schools once they reached the first grade. Following the 1960 school year, STC School no longer admitted young boys. They were referred to St. Patrick’s elementary all boys’ school.

Girls remaining at the first grade level moved up through eight grade finishing STC then continued on at the secondary or high school level. In the late 1950’s a separate grades 9-12 building was added on the STC compound, and K-12 was incorporated. With a growing population of young women and girls also saw STC boasting of another facility on the same compound, to accommodate classes from grades 7 – 12 in 1967. This latest facility included a science laboratory, library, and piano room that also included a section for clerical classes.

Bishop John Collins, SMA, with the foundresses of FMM Liberia

In 1970, the first combined classes of STC all girls and St Patrick’s High School, also an all boys’ school, held the first joint graduation ceremony. That tradition remained up to the 1990’s when St Patrick’s was closed by the ecclesial authorities of the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia.

STC's Campus - The Early Years

The history of St. Teresa's Convent can never be told without recognizing and honoring the men and women who taught at this institution. Many of us have fond memories of the teachers who molded our young minds. Besides teaching us, they were our mentors, disciplinarians, tutors, counselors, coaches, etc. They played an important role in making us the men and women that we are today. Some of them taught at STC and SPHS for over four decades. The pictures on this page are a small representation of the hundreds of teachers who impacted our lives. And for that, we honor them.

Teachers at St. Teresa's Convent during the 80's

Teachers featured in the picture above are:

Back Row L to R: Brother Thomas (Mathematics), Mr. ?????, Mr. Kamano, Mr. Sarpong (Physics), Mr. Jim McCritty,  and Mr. Kennedy (Biology)


Front Row L to R: Sister Evelina, Ms. Chadhuri, Ms. Constance Nims (deceased - Chemistry), Sister Alice, Sister Josephine and Sister Bernadette 

Thank you to all who provided the names of the teachers featured in this picture. Now we have only one left to identify. It is the teacher in the dark shirt standing next to Brother Thomas in the back row. Please send his name to

Today, October 7, 2022, STC celebrates its 85th Anniversary. The Gala Day Festivities begins with a mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral and concludes with a parade through the streets of Monrovia, Liberia, ending on the campus of STC. Please click on the button below to leave a congratulatory message for STC. HURRAH FOR THE STC!


STC GALA DAY OCT 7 2022 (1).jpg

Mother Nofa

Sr. Flor also served as 

Principal of  STC Elementary

Sr. Evelina is the current Principal of STC


There’s a song we’ll sing

‘Til the echoes ring

With our voices loud and full

There’s the pride and joy

Of each girl and boy

Who loves our dear ‘ol school.

Let the chorus go

That the world may know

To the school we’ll loyal be!

Then hurrah for the white and

The green ever bright

Hurrah for the S.T.C.!


For the school we’ll do or die

To the school we’ll loyal be

Then hurrah for the white and

The green ever bright

Hurrah for the S.T.C.!

When the years have flow

And no more we’re known

In the haunts we love so dear

In our dreams we’ll trace

Each remembered place

And the ‘ol school still reveals

With our classmates gay

We shall sport and play

Where sweet memories fondly cling

Then come what may

We’ll be loyal still

And the same ‘ol song we’ll sing

For the school we’ll do or die

To the school we’ll loyal be

Then hurrah for the white and

The green ever bright

Hurrah for the S.T.C.!

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