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1. What is A2S Program?

A2S, which stands for Alumni-to-Student Sponsorship Program, is an educational assistance program (scholarship) designed to pay the cost of educating students at St. Teresa's Convent (STC). SFAA recruits sponsors to make a yearly commitment to fund the education of at least one student from any grade, any year.

2. How long has the A2S Program been in existence?

The Alumni-to-Student (A2S) Sponsorship Program was launched in August 2017 and has been in existence for 5 years. Over the 5-year period, sponsors have donated $196,054.96 to pay for tuition, uniform and supplies for over 400 girls.

3. Who can be a Sponsor?

Anyone can be a sponsor, whether you attended or graduated from STC or SPHS. Friends, Family and Supporters can also be sponsors. It is voluntary, and sponsors can opt out at any time they wish.

You can register to become a sponsor by clicking the the following button.

4. How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

The cost of sponsoring a student depends on the student's grade. To view details of the cost of sponsoring one student, click on "Cost of Sponsoring a Student" button below.

5. How long is the Sponsorship?

A2S is a program that requires only a one-year commitment. It is not an indefinite or lifetime commitment. But, sponsors may choose to commit to an additional year or more.  About two months before the school year is over, we will ask sponsors to inform us whether they can commit for an additional year. If they can, we will list them for the coming year. If not, we will recruit another sponsor to fill the void.

6. Is my sponsorship tax-deductible?

Yes. The cost of sponsoring a student is tax-deductible. SFAA is a 501(c)(3) charity organization. 

7. Can I sponsor more than one student?

Yes, you can sponsor as many students as you wish.

8. Can a group sponsor a student?

Yes, a group can sponsor one, or many students.


9. Can I sponsor a student by paying tuition only?

Yes. You have the option to pay for tuition only.

10. Do I have to pay the yearly cost in full at the beginning of the year?

No. You do not have to make the full payment at the beginning of the year. Depending on what payment option you choose when you register, you can pay annually or bi-annually. Annually means you pay the full yearly tuition by a due date, and bi-annually means you make two payments, one each by the due date at the start of each semester.

11. What is STC's academic calendar year?

STC's calendar year is from September to June.


12. What is the criteria for students to become eligible for A2S program?

Student eligibility will be based on academic merit and/or financial need. Academic merit will be students who meet the criteria for academic excellence set by STC, and financial needs will be those students who are orphaned due to Ebola, who live in a single parent household experiencing financial hardship, or other financial determining factors. STC will screen the students to ensure that they meet one or all the criteria.

13. How will the program be administered?

The program will be administered through a partnership between SFAA and STC. SFAA will recruit the sponsors and get a yearly commitment. On a proposed schedule, the sponsors will make their payment through the SFAA's website, or by mailing a check. The names of sponsors, the type of sponsorship and the student they are sponsoring will be posted on our website. SFAA will wire transfer payment to STC on a proposed schedule, and publish documentation of payment on our website. 

When STC administrators receive the payment, they will send SFAA documentation of receipt for posting on our website.


STC will provide the list of students eligible for sponsorship. That information will include: name of student, grade, age etc. We will then match students with sponsors. STC will also provide sponsors with students progress report via SFAA.

14. How will I know that money I pay to sponsor a child is being used for that purpose?

The program will be 100% transparent. On our website, we will publish the names of sponsors and the dollar amount of their sponsorship. We will also provide the information of students being sponsored, which will include name, age, grade, picture etc. SFAA will provide documentation of all payments made to the organization, payments transferred to STC, payments disbursed by STC and progress report of students being sponsored. All of this information will be available on our website for review by sponsors and supporters. We will also entertain suggestions, comments, questions and criticism to ensure that we continuously improve our efforts to support the students of STC.

15. Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or comments, send an email to, or you can call the following SFAA members:

  • Stephen Koffa: 301-526-8705

  • Esther Wreh-Neal: 609-433-9005 

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