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SFAA Project: Re-Opening of St. Patrick's High School

Project Coordinator – Rebuild/Reopen SPHS

Charles E. Cooper, III

July 28, 2017: Charles E. Cooper III, ’84, Treasurer of SFAA, has been appointed Acting Project Coordinator for Rebuilding/Reopening SPHS. In collaboration with SFAA Chapter in Liberia, he will play a lead role in discussions with the Archdiocese about reopening St. Patrick's High School. Mr. Cooper will act in this role until we find a permanent replacement.

The Project Coordinator for Rebuilding/Reopening of St. Patrick’s falls under the domain of the Project Committee. That committee is organized as follows:



  • Chair - Project Committee

  • Project Coordinators - Rebuilding/ Reopening SPHS

    • USA Representative

    • Liberia Representative

  • Project Coordinators - STC Support

    • USA Representative​

    • Liberia Representative


This arrangement will enable Project Coordinators to focus on their assignment while working in tandem with the national organization. Because the schools are in Liberia, the role of the Projects Coordinators in Liberia is critical to the success of SFAA's goals. 


 In December of 2015, the leadership of Saints Friskies Alumni Association (SFAA) and St. Patrick's Endowment Fund (SPEF) met with Bishop Zigler, Father Varfee, and Sister Mary Laurene, and made the following proposal:

  • Rename Spiritan Academy School, currently residing on the former SPHS Campus, to St. Patrick's Spiritan Academy (SPSA)

  • SPEF will make a donation to re-brand the school

  • SPEF will make a donation to improve facilities

  • SFAA will make donation for expansion of SPSA to full high school

  • SPEF will provide equipment for computer lab

  • SPEF will provide audio-visual equipment

  • SPEF will provide yearly donation for scholarships and support

  • SPEF will work with SFAA to provide additional gifts and material


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