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sfaa june 2017 FINANCIAL REPORT

The following is a summary of SFAA monthly financial report for the period beginning June 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2017


To read details of the report, click on View Full Report below:


BANK BALANCE - JUNE 1             $2,191.76

  • TOTAL FUNDING                    $15,491.82

  • TOTAL EXPENSES                        $345.34

BANK BALANCE - JUNE 30        $17,338.24


V. Kiawu-Fahnbulleh

L. Gbarbea

E. Juwle-Yates

J. Simpson

V. Clinton

SFAA's five-member Planning Committee is now set up.


Serving on the Committee are, Velma Kiawu Fahnbulleh '79, Chairman, and Leemu Gbarbea '86, Vice Chair. Other members are Eliza Juwle Yates '79, Dr. Vaylah Clinton '86 and Jerrydean Simpson '87

Congratulations and thanks for volunteering to serve SFAA!!

view class: 70,74,78,80,86

SFAA's Class Page rollout continues. The following classes have been published and are now available for viewing.


  • Class of '70

  • Class of '74

  • Class of '78

  • Class of '80

  • Class of '86


Content on each class page includes members of the class, name of the class, year graduated, and a slider deck of current and past pictures of class members. If you notice any errors or omissions, or have class information to submit,  please contact

SFAA new SOS-Partner

SFAA has entered into a mutual-support pact with Change Agent Network Africa, Inc (CANA). Stephen Koffa, President of SFAA, and Annie Wright, Chief Executive Officer of CANA, agreed to mutual support designed to promote and support events and fundraising campaign that benefit both organizations. The two leaders also agreed to insert the web address of each organization on the other's website.​

This partnership is the result of SFAA's SOS Partnership initiative, which Koffa promoted at the Honorary Board of LCA Governors meeting that he attended at the Embassy of Liberia.


You can visit CANA's website by clicking the button below.

regional chapters

SFAA is in the process of establishing regional chapters. The regional chapters will comprise of the following:


o   Massachusetts

o   Rhode Island

o   Connecticut

o   New York

o   New Jersey

o   Pennsylvania

o   Delaware·     


o   Michigan

o   Indiana

o   Illinois

o   Ohio

o   Minnesota


o   Washington DC

o   Maryland

o   Virginia


o   North Carolina

o   South Carolina

o   Georgia

o   Florida

  • WEST

o   California

o   Washington

o   Nevada


o  Liberia


We are seeking voulunteers to help us with this major re-organization effort. If you wish to help, please contact us at:


sfaa vacancies

SFAA currently has open positions that need to be filled:

  • Members of the Board

    • Five members representing regional chapters

  • Standing Committees

    • Finance

    • Audit

    • Nomination/Election

  • Appointed Committees

    • Planning​

    • Projects

    • Membership

We are currently on a recruitment campaign to fill these positions. We ask that you please assist in this effort by submitting the names of  interested candidates to:

SFAA press secretary

Esther Wreh-Neal '79, has been appointed National Press Secretary of SFAA. Ms. Wreh-Neal will be responsible for press releases announcing events, milestones, programs, and all public relations matter pertinent to the organization.


SFAA congratulates and thanks Ms. Wreh-Neal for volunteering to serve. 


We are continuously seeking volunteers to fill vacancies in SFAA. If you are interested, please contact us at:

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