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after 100 days...


  • Launched Alumni-to-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S)

    • 46 sponsorship commitments to date

    • Sponsorship commitments to date worth $21,360.53

    • On-going sponsorship recruitment

    • Published all information related to A2S on SFAA's website

    • Established partnership with STC to implement A2S



  • Publish monthly financial reports

  • Conduct monthly Executive Committee meeting

  • Conduct monthly Standing and Appointed Committees meeting

  • Publish weekly news update

  • Publish minutes from monthly meetings

  • Regularly update website

  • Established a culture of transparency and accountability

  • Established bereavement courtesy guidelines (to be published soon)



  • Philadelphia Chapter re-activated (host of Convention 2018)

  • Houston Chapter re-activation in progress

  • Liberia Chapter re-activation in progress



  • Actively seeking alternative source of funding to finance some projects

    • Attended training on Introduction to Finding Grants

    • Working on strategy for finding grants

    • Conducting research on foundations that engage in charity funding

    • Working with consultant on writing grant proposals



  • Continuously updating digital publication of SFAA's news and information

    • 5,633 unique visitors to date

    • 24,907 page visits to date

    • Added class page feature

    • Added pictorial history of STC and SPHS

    • Added weekly news-in-brief feature

    • Regularly update Back In Da Day feature

    • Launched commemorative page to remember deceased alumni



  • Established community partnership with the following organizations:

    • Liberia Medical Relief

    • Ricks Institute Alumni Association

    • Liberian Community Association WDC

    • Change Agent Network Africa, Inc.

    • B. W. Harris Episcopal School Alumni Association-USA, Inc.


Because of our Alumni Engagement Initiative, we have 4 decades of Saints Friskies from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's engaged with the organization. Alumni sent us pictures, compliments, comments, suggestions, information, criticisms, questions and more. We embrace and appreciate this level of engagement. We have reached out to Friskies from year 2000 and beyond, and our hope is that they will become just as engaged as Saints Friskies from the previous 4 decades.


What we have done would not have been possible without your support and participation. For that, we are eternally grateful. But our work is not done. We plan to meet with the Catholic Education Secretariat to open discussions about the rebuilding and reopening of St. Patrick's High School (SPHS). We will continue our recruitment campaign to sign-up as many sponsors as possible to support the girls of St. Teresa's Convent (STC). We are also exploring plans to start a nutrition program, teachers training workshop, and provide some financial assistance for staff and teachers at STC. And that's not all. We are exploring alternative sources of funding to help finance educational support services at STC and the rebuilding of SPHS.


Let me remind you that our agenda is ambitious, but our spirit hopeful. We will deploy every available resource to achieve our goals. Ours is a worthy venture.


Thank you for your support and participation.




Stephen Jaitoh Koffa, Jr.

National President - Class of '79

Saints Friskies Alumni Association



September 17, 2017

Greetings Saints Friskies Nation,

Monday, September 4, 2017 marked 100 days since you elected the current leadership team. When we began our term, rebuilding the organization became one of our top priorities. We have expanded the leadership team by filling all or some vacancies on the following committees: Finance, Planning, Audit, Regulatory Affairs, and Elections. We also embarked on fulfilling the agenda we set, and below is a summary of what we have accomplished so far:

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