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We are pleased to announce the formation of SFAA’s Committee to Rebuild St. Patrick’s (CORES). The purpose of CORES is to re-engage in the effort to rebuild St. Patrick’s. It will define a vision, set a strategy, create and implement a plan to achieve this most challenging goal. 

We make this announcement with mixed emotions. 

As excited as we are about the formation of CORES,we are sad that we will miss one of our most distinguished CORES Advisors, Magdalene Darling Gbenyon-McClain, Friskies Class of ‘69.


By now most of you, if not all, are aware that we lost Darling a few days after she arrived in Liberia last week. She was excited about the prospect of rebuilding St. Patrick's, and volunteered to begin initial CORES work while visiting Liberia. Her untimely demise is devastating to all of us.


In her memory, Darling will remain listed on our website as Advisor to CORES through our 24th National Convention. We do this to honor her contributions to SFAA.


You can view the members of CORES by clicking on the button below.


The following is a summary of SFAA's monthly financial report for the period beginning March 1, 2018 and ending March31, 2018.


To read details of the report, click on View Full Report below:


BANK BALANCE - March 1     $22,007.32

  • TOTAL FUNDING                    $   2776.42

  • TOTAL EXPENSES                   $   10,937.52

BANK BALANCE - March 31    $13,846.22



Members of Saint Friskies at the repast of our late Chapter Mom, mother of Onike Dargbe, President of the Southeastern Chapter

About twenty (20) members of Saints Friskies family attended the funeral of our Chapter Mom, the late Mrs. Annie Gbornyonnoh Dargbe-Saytonneh.  Mrs. Dargbe-Saytonneh passed away on March 3, 2018 after a brief illness.


Mrs. Dargbe-Saytonneh was the mother of Onike Adekoya-Dargbe, President of SFAA's Southeastern Chapter.


The funeral was held at Found and Sons Funeral Home in Culpeper VA, on Saturday, March 16,  2018.

With family and friends in attendance, the children of the late Mrs. Dargbe-Saytonneh spoke glowingly about the love, affection and support their mother gave them throughout her life. Through testimonials from her children and relatives, we found that she had an undeniable dedication to her family, and lived a life filled with purpose. And that trait was not reserved for her family alone. It showed with everyone she touched, including members of our Southeastern Chapter.

Affectionately known as "Chapter Mom", Mrs. Dargbe-Saytonneh worked tirelessly to support events of Saints Friskies Alumni Association. 

Nikki Dargbe, President of SFAA's Southeastern Chapter, thanks well wishers at the repast of her later mother.

She was a devoted patron, advisor, cook and fundraiser for all events hosted by our Southeastern Chapter in Atlanta, GA.


During her remarks at the repast, Nikki Dargbe thank well-wishers for the love and support shown her family durint this difficult period. She acknowledged the presence of her Saints Friskies family and expressed that she and her family were profoundly grateful for the support from members of the organization.


The Southeastern Chapter and Saints Friskies Nation will keep Onike and her family in our prayers.

We salute our "Chapter Mom" and bid her farewell. We pray that her soul rests in eternal peace. You can view pictures from the funeral by clicking the button below.


Sister Evelina, Principal of STC, and Ms. Wokie Kpanyor, Vice Principal of STC, with students benefiting from SFAA's Alumni-To-Students Sponsorship Program (A2S)

Recruitment of sponsors for Academic Year 2018-2019 for our Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship (A2S) program is underway. During academic year 2017 -2018, we sponsored 51 students at the cost of $24,000.00. We are grateful to all of our sponsors and supporters who made this program possible. But, we cannot stop there. More girls at STC need our help.


Our goal for Academic Year 2018-2019 is double our sponsorship from fifty-one (51) to one hundred (100) girls. We estimate the cost at $50,000.00. With your help, we know we can do it.

SFAA's Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S) was launched in August 2017. The year-to-year program matches alumni with students, with alumni making a commitment to provide financial assistance. Since then, the positive impact of the program on the girls, their families and the institution is undeniable. Tuition and supplies for deserving students are paid, consequently relieving parents and guardians of that financial burden. The program also generates much needed revenue for the school to operate. 

With SFAA's Class Challenge, corporate sponsors recruitment initiative, grant solicitation etc., we are continuously seeking opportunities to generate more funding for the program.

For more information about the A2S program, please click on the button below


Ambassador Lois Lewis Brutus, Liberia's Ambassador to the US, with Stephen Koffa at the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC.

In an effort to grow the sponsorship base of SFAA's Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S), Stephen Koffa, President of Saints Friskies Alumni Association (SFAA), met with Her Excellency Ambassador Lois Lewis Brutus, Liberia's Ambassador to the United States of America and a Member of Friskies Class of '69.


The meeting, which took place on Thursday, March 8, 2018, was held at the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, DC.


The purpose of the meeting was to inform Ambassador Brutus of the existence of SFAA, and make her aware of the A2S  Program that currently sponsors 51 students at St. Teresa's Convent (STC) at the cost of $24,145.01.

Mr. Koffa briefed the Ambassador on the history of SFAA and highlighted the agenda of the current administration. The focus of the conversation was the A2S program. He explained the purpose of the program, its accomplishments to date, and goals for the coming year.


During her conversation with Mr. Koffa, Ambassador Brutus stated that the A2S program resonates with her because as a student at STC, she was sponsored by a sorority organization. They covered the cost of her tuition, fees and room and board on the campus of STC. She also noted that the A2S program fulfills one of the central tenets by which she lives: that one should always reach back to uplift the lives of Liberian children who are less fortunate.

After much discussion about the program, Ambassador Brutus committed to sponsoring one of the girls at STC. She said she will review the details of the program and register as a sponsor.

Ambassador Brutus also asked about some of the challenges of the organization. For example, she asked whether SFAA has a chapter in Monrovia. Mr. Koffa responded by saying: "In spite of our best effort, the prospect of having a functioning chapter in Monrovia continues to elude us. But we have not given up. We will keep trying until we establish a dynamic chapter in Monrovia."

Ambassador Brutus agreed that the need for a chapter in Monrovia is critical. She immediately placed a call to one of her contacts in Liberia to assist with this effort but was unable to reach her. She said she will follow-up with her contact and get back to Mr. Koffa.  

The reopening of St. Patrick's High School (SPHS) is also a concern of Ambassador Brutus. Mr. Koffa assured her it is a high priority on SFAA's agenda, and that a committee is currently being established to address the issue of the rebuilding and reopening of SPHS.


At the end of the their almost 2-hour conversation, Ambassador Brutus and Mr. Koffa exchanged phone numbers and agreed to remain in touch.