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  1. Abachie, Ayo

  2. Ajami, Nada

  3. Ajavon, Rose

  4. Aryee, Yolanda

  5. Freeman, Bindu

  6. Goba, Nyankah

  7. Gray, Miatta

  8. Greene, Hamiletta

  9. Jinlack, Magdeline

  10. Johnson, Alma

  11. Johnson, Teahdi

  12. Kollie, Kebbeh

  13. Massaley, Alfreda

  14. Montgomery, Serina

  15. Nyanway, Thelma

  16. Nyenator, Priscilla

  17. Pelham, Shantal

  18. Smith, Alvina

  19. Subah, Gaeduo

  20. Subramani, Lakshmi

  21. Thomas, Emmeline

  22. Toeh, Victoria

  23. Urey, Edna

  24. Valentine, Winifred

  25. Weeks, Hymiepopo


NOTE: If you notice any errors or omissions on the list, please send corrections or additions to:

IMG-3445 (1).jpg

ABOVE: Members of Friskies Class of '98 posing for a picture on STC campus. Their names will be posted soon.

From L to R: 


BELOW: Members of Friskies  Class of '98 marching during a parade celebrating Flag Day. Their names will be posted soon.

From L to R: 

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