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The following is a summary of SFAA's monthly financial report for the period beginning November 1, 2017 and ending November 30, 2017.


To read details of the report, click on View Full Report below:


BANK BALANCE - November 1     $28,289.86

  • TOTAL FUNDING                         $1730.50

  • TOTAL EXPENSES                        $   345.34

BANK BALANCE - November 30  $29,675.02

sfaa REMITS $13, 256.46

TO St.teresa's convent

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Saints Friskies Alumni Association remitted $13,252.46 to St. Teresa's Convent (STC), as payment for  tuition and supplies for 43 students benefiting from the A2S program. The payment was made possible by the generous donations of alumni, family and friends who committed to sponsoring STC students for Academic Year June 2017 - September 2018.


We are eternally grateful to all who have made this program possible.

You can view documents confirming this transaction by clicking on the button below.

President Johnson-Sirleaf

visits stc, fPA reports

Monrovia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commended students of St. Teresa's Convent Catholic High School and recounted the tremendous contributions of Liberia’s late President, Edwin Barclay some 80 years.


She said she is glad to be part of  St. Teresa's Convent family adding - 80 years after one of our great Presidents, Edwin Barclay had being here to open and contribute to this school.


According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the statement on Thursday, November 30, 2017 on the campus of St. Teresa's Catholic High School where she had gone to visit and motivate students during the commemoration of the school's 80th anniversary.

thank you to our sponsors

Without the generous contributions of our sponsors, who include alumni, family and friends, the A2S program will not be possible.

It is with profound gratitude that we thank all of you have who made this program possible. From those who supported our convention, to those who made generous donations during the convention, and also those who have paid dues and supported our fundraising events, we say thank you. To  those who stepped up with sponsorship commitments for the girls, we are indebted to all of you. Thank you.

There are more students that need our help. If you wish to sponsor a child, you can register by clicking here.


EC Monthly Meeting


The minutes of SFAA Executive Committee meeting held on November 30, 2017, is now available for viewing. To view the minutes, log onto the site using the username and password you created to access privileged documents.. Then navigate to the minutes by doing the following:


  • Click Alumni

  • Click SFAA Reports (Log in)

If you are member of SFAA and do not have an account, please create your account by clicking the following link:

You can also view the minutes by clicking on the button below. If you have any questions, please contact


message from the president of sfaa

Greetings Saints Friskies Nation,


Monday, September 4, 2017 marked 100 days since you elected the current leadership team. When we began our term, rebuilding the organization became one of our top priorities. We have expanded the leadership team by filling all or some vacancies on the following committees: Finance, Planning, Audit, Regulatory Affairs, and Elections. We also embarked on fulfilling the agenda we set, and below is a summary of what we have accomplished so far:

Over a lifetime, few men are affiliated with a single institution. Say the name Psycho in any Liberian gathering and basketball immediately comes to mind. Stories pour, memories abound. Everyone he's ever touched has a story of how he made them feel. 

Sister evelina,


Sister Evelina, Principal of St. Teresa's Convent (STC), sent a letter to SFAA confirming receipt of the $13,256.42 for students benefiting from the A2S program.


In the letter, she thanked A2S sponsors for their generous contribution to support deserving students at STC.


Click on the button below to read the full text of the letter from Sister Evelina.


sfaa Remits US$13K to

St. Teresa's Convent

Washington, DC - Saints Friskies Alumni Association (SFAA), the organization that represents graduates of St. Patrick’s High School (SPHS) and St. Teresa’s Convent (STC), is making headway with the ambitious agenda that the new leadership set since taking office in May 2017.

Earlier this year, SFAA established a program for alumni and supporters of the organization to provide financial assistance to students attending STC.

The program, called Alumni-To-Student Sponsorship Program (A2S), pairs alumni with students for assistance with tuition and supplies.

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Saints Friskies Alumni Association remitted $13,252.46 to St. Teresa's Convent (STC), as payment for tuition and supplies for 43 students benefiting from the A2S program.

Achievement and recognition committee formed

Stephen Koffa, '79

Martha Zoegan '86

Adele Adighibe, '81

Saints Friskies Alumni Association has established a five-member Achievement & Recognition Committee (ARC).  Officers and members of the committee are Stephen Koffa, '79, Chair, Martha Zoegan, '86, Vice Chair, and Adele Adighibe, '81, Member. The organization is currently seeking members to fill the last two vacancies on the committee.

The purpose of ARC is to establish guidelines for nominating, submitting and approving candidates for recognition and award. The committee will also serve as the body that review and approves all submissions.


The committee's term will coincide with the current administration, and new members will be appointed by the president of an in-coming administration.


1. SFAA National President

2. Convention Host Chapter President

3. Member of SFAA

4. Member of SFAA

5. Member of SFAA


At every convention, we intend to recognize those who make extraordinary contributions in helping us achieve our goals. Details on the recognition and award process will be announced in the coming weeks.



SUrgeries  in liberia

Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Natu Youh Strathy, STC Class of '81, traveled to Liberia in June to perform reconstructive surgery on children who are severely scarred or have other facial deformities.

Dr. Strathy, a plastic surgeon, along with his wife Natu, a surgical nurse, have performed over 80 surgeries in Liberia since December 2016, free of charge. They dedicate their medical training, time, and limited resources toward healing Liberians who are in desperate need of such medical services.

Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Natu Youh Strathy were honored with a humanitarian award at SFAA's convention in May 2017.

Read more from Frontpage Africa about the Strathys' amazing charity work by clicking on the button below:

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