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 SFAA Project:  Support for St. Teresa's Convent

Students Selected for A2S Program

Friskies at reunion - Saints Friskies Alumni Association

St. Teresa's Convent (STC) students who will benefit from SFAA's Alumni-to-Student (A2S) Sponsorship Program have been selected and matched with their sponsors. On Saturday, November 11, 2017, SFAA published the list of students and their sponsors. Some students were selected on the basis of financial hardship, and others on academic merit. 

So far, A2S sponsors have committed to assisting 49 students with tuition and supplies for the academic year September 2017 to June 2018. We are grateful to our sponsors for their kindness and generosity. But, this is just the beginning. We have more students who need our help. Our appeal is for others in Saints Friskies Nation to consider sponsoring a student at STC.


This program comes as a direct response to the urgent educational needs of the students and the operational demands of running the school. Plans on providing more assistance to STC is on-going.


To view the list of students benefiting from the program, along with their sponsors who make this possible, please click on the button below.

During fiscal year 2012, Saints Friskies Alumni Association (SFAA) under took a project to upgrade technology at St. Teresa's Convent. The following is a list of new computers and audio-video equipment that we donated:

Technology Enhancement

  • 9 Desktop Computers

  • 9 Monitors

  • 1 Projector Laptop

  • 1 Projector

  • 1 42" TV

  • 1 DVD Player

  • 1 Printer

  • 2 Printer Toners

  • 4 Boxes - 5 Reams of Paper

Science Laboratory


At the All Alumni Meeting and Charity Gala held on May 28, 2016, SFAA raised $5400 for the STC Science Lab project.  Fundraising efforts continue and your tax deductible contribution can be made online today by CLICKING HERE.


  • STEM Support

  • Scholarships

  • Equipment for computer lab

  • Renovation and maintenance


  • Funding Goal: $25,000

SFAA and "Textbooks Africa"

During the 2012 convention, Wede Gibson (STC Class of '85),) notified Quallyna Porte, National President of SFAA,  of her ongoing project that would directly benefit St. Teresa's Convent students. The project, involved collecting and shipping testbooks, library books and supplies to school children and teachers in Africa. The sponsor of this project is Textbooks Africa, a 5013c organization established by Ms. Gibson. After vetting Textbooks Africa, the Saints Friskies Alumni Association donated $3000.00 to help defray the cost of shipping the books to STC.

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